The world of Valarion was breathed into creation by the god of all ages, Panaeon. He took the formless void and made it into a world of resources, magic, and promise. But where there is light, darkness creeps forth. There is something hiding in the shadow of existence, seeking to rip apart all that Panaeon created. Being unable to destroy, Panaeon has issued a call: a call for heroes to push back the darkness.

Valarion is the material plane. For centuries, it was protected by Humanity. In recent decades, however, a plague has spread throughout the world, striking Humans by the millions. Humans are now one of the rarer races in all of Valarion. Their once-proud kingdom of Hyperia has fallen to pieces, and Humans now have little political sway or power.

The Shadow Realms, also known as Penumbra, are home to all kinds of creatures of darkness. With the fall of Humans, more and more rifts have opened between Valarion and Penumbra. The gates to the Shadow Realms are protected by stalwart Dwarfkind.

The Fae Realm, called Afallon, is the mystical plane where Faeries dwell. These hallowed lands are home to all manner of natural magics, practically untouched by the technological advances of Valarion. The doors to Afallon are guarded by graceful Elfkind.

Between the worlds is a strange realm known as the Armament. Roaming these twisting, uncharted lands are the Hounds of God, a powerful lycanthropic race whose duty is to judge those who would walk among realms. Only Paneon’s Chosen may pass unscathed: the ancient Archons.

Valarion is a world filled with high-fantasy elements, and with some technology tied in. There are wand-wielding wizards and pistol-shooting pirates. There are railroads, airships, and some cities even have autocars. There are dragons, vampires, werewolves, and angels. Once, the most common race throughout Valarion was Humanity; but now, with the numbers of Humans plummeting, the most prolific races are Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and Half-Breeds. There are, of course, all kinds of different nations and ethnicities throughout the land, so players shouldn’t feel limited.

Legends of Valarion

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